Mustang GT by Hi-Fi Fotos on Flickr.

this is power. they won’t even let you 5 ft within the barrier. & they are right next to it.

These Nigas will change on you . I can’t help but win ima winner Niga u changed on me


2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

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Another devil back into the world , aight so let me tell you a little story bout this “devil fuck ” here this dag on leather throat dragon slater here lol corporal Snyder the freakin motivator of motivators and you will ALWAYS catch him Monday mornin with a dip and motivated high n titty ( tight) lol now as white as Eli is ( from mans choice) yes that is really the ” town” he is from in Pennsylvania he has always had a thing for us black folk and our culture this man would come to me and analyze ever rap song known to man in particular 2 chains song for example I was asked how to Keep a fat rabbit on a craft mattic 😂 and if u think about it rap is hard to explain sometimes so I gave him home work he said he wanted to earn his “black card various hood movies to watch you tube videos and artist even learned the Bernie and the shmurda lol this research lasted about a year n a half and he stuck with it so he earned his card in my eyes “lol but all in all this is my dude ( I don’t fuck with everybody ) and this is a big part of the marine corps that I truly love because back in my #THOMASMIKEYSHORTYLILWAYNE days lol I would walk past him and not think twice of the person he could be and is I would be like who the hell is this punk ass white boy spittin in a got damn bottle lol but the military forces you to get to know people and once you do u find out what they really are about aye I wish u the best in anything you do on the outside bro one love kid ✊.