Truth 🙌
Wings cheffed

Washed and waxed my Keisha down

Good eats

" The best relationships are the ones not on any social media "

So they say , but the truth is …..

It has nothin to do with the social media the public or anyone else it’s between you and who ever your with whether that be BF, GF, sig other or who ever. we post everything else in the world so why would love be any different if anything we need more of it now than anything because the world is crazy And these days it ain’t to the coolest route to take in the social world but reasons why most fail , where they fuck up is when u ” LET THE OUTSIDE KNOW HOW THE INSIDE WORK” just like there’s “levels” to getting these hoes it’s levels to getting money it’s levels in life , jobs etc. there’s also levels in social media I’m no expert but I do know where most people especially us 20s folk / 80s babies we post any and everything lol shoot we would post Jesus comin back for the resurrection if we could but that would mean u got left behind 👀 but that’s another story lol people only know what they see so if u slandering your mans or your shorties name on your status every other day u open up a world of problems that could have been avoided and end up mad at something you weren’t even mad at in the 1st place and before u know it your relationship has been picked apart by any and everyone else so bad that there’s no getting back to where you needed to be in the 1st place. The world should never know the inside problems of your house hold they only need to know what is important which is your together nothin more nothin less everything in between should be all YOURS. I used to ask myself out of curiosity how my peoples made it all the yrs 30 35 yrs plus and it’s because they handles there business on there own terms the outside never knew how the inside worked . Nothin is even always peaches n cream but if it’s worth it it won’t fade. JUST AS MUCH AS PEOPLE FILTER THESE PICTURES FOR THE LIKES FILTER YOUR POSTS FOR YOUR LIFE. Have SOME type of business make somebody wonder sometimes you don’t half to live on front st. All the time

It’s not social media it’s just user error that’s the problem

But I’m sleep tho 😴 #shitiobserveonmytimelines